Scrapbook paper on cheap frame....this whole site has tons of ideas.


Frames Could use scrapbook paper and mod podge to wood, then glue picture frame on top.

DIY picture frames: Glue a smaller frame onto a large flat frame and modpodge scrapbook paper or paint.

Fabric Covered Mats for picture frames using cereal boxes?

scrapbook paper over old/cheap picture frames

BEST Pinterest site for Big/Little Ideas!! Lots of DIY

Frames on candle sticks - cute!

plain wooden tray (michaels 3.99) + scrapbook paper + mod podge. done!

MOD PODGE - Homemade Mix 50% Elmer's glue and 50% water in a jar. Wish I would have known about this a couple days ago.. Mod Podge isn't cheap!

Cheap picture frames + scrapbook paper= cute cheap picture frames

shoe box lids, scrapbook paper, modge podge, letters, ribbon, and a curtain rod.....change out what it says with seasons

Buttons with scrapbook paper and frame

DIY Stacked Frames...wood from hobby lobby and dollar store frame. Could make for way cheap!!

magazine pages glued to wooden letters in my kitchen!!

picture frame wreath

Dollar Store Bins made over with fabric. Love this idea

Using an old (or new!) game board as a picture frame!

Cute! One paint stirrer, print words onto scrapbook paper, Modpodge on, add wire to make into an ornament. by clare

DIY for cheap!

SO neat, I had NO idea this was possible! Easy way to transfer ink from paper onto wood for a homemade sign.