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    Niall Horan


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    GEEEEEEEZUS. Hi. Beautifully candid. He ain't posin'. Smile from heaven.

    I'm surprised the video of Niall hitting himself with a basketball hasn't made its' way to Pinterest.

    Niall Horan I would love it if u could check out my account and maybe follow! Love ya!:)

    I have lost all brain function.....HOLY. MOTHER. OF. GOD. CHILD DO YOU KNOW HOW DAMN SEXY YOU ARE?!?!!?!!!

    Niall Horan.. Aww he looks so cute in his little suit!!= )

    33 Times Niall Horan Was The Most Perfect Member Of One Direction

    This is the most attractive picture of the most attractive person ever. Like ever! GAHHHHHHH!!!!

    Niall Horan looking sexy as ever and rocking an awesome new hairstyle gosh i love him