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Niall Horan

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GEEEEEEEZUS. Hi. Beautifully candid. He ain't posin'. Smile from heaven.

Niall Horan I would love it if u could check out my account and maybe follow! Love ya!:)

I'm surprised the video of Niall hitting himself with a basketball hasn't made its' way to Pinterest.

I don't have word anymore...

Niall Horan.. Aww he looks so cute in his little suit!!= )

I'm sorry, Niall, did anyone give you permission? No? THEN STAHP.

Niall at the Chelsea and Paris St-Germain game

Niall Hor- PRINCE CHARMING I remembered who the character was :)

And then God created Niall Horan and saw that he was PERFECT so he smirked and said,"Well, this will be fun to watch." And that's why Niall Horan's life is on the big screen in Heaven, the end.<<< amen sister

Niall Horan I love you so much!!! And I hope I get to meet you one day! :) you probably won't see this but it's OK. ILY!!!!! :) ♥

I don't even know why I need this picture but I do so.....yeah. This caption captures my thoughts towards EVERY One Direction pin on my board. I don't need it...but I do. Therapy sessions from Santa this year. I know appointment times will be waiting in my stocking. Along with a box of life.