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    love and lost

    • Kayla Marie

      Archaeologists were suddenly quoting lines from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Digging in the Italian village of Valdaro--near the city of Mantua, a setting for the famous Elizabethan tragedy--they uncovered a startling double burial. Dubbed the "Lovers of Valdaro" by the media, the pair were huddled close together, face to face, their arms and legs entwined, seemingly in an eternal embrace.

    • Matthew Craig

      I am repinning this to point out a couple things. 1: this is not ironic, just coincidental. At least it would be accept 2: Romeo and Juliet is set in Verona. This is English 101 and it bugs me every time I see it

    • Jenn

      The Lovers Of Valdaro, found 6000 years later near the city of Mantua, Italy.... Just like what Shakespear wrote in Romeo and Juliet, so sad yet so beautiful to be found that way after all those years... True Love never dies

    • B J

      Till Death Do Us Part. The lovers of Valdaro, a town outside of Mantua (where Shakespeare imagined the story of Romeo and Juliet to have taken place).

    • Gwendolyn Jones

      The Lovers of Valdaro grave skeletons found , Mantua, Italy, the city Skakespeare chose to set story or Romeo and Juliet July 2013

    • Lynda

      FAKE: The Lovers of Valdaro were found in the city of Mantua, Italy, the city Shakespeare chose to set Romeo and Juliet. FACT: Romeo and Juliet was set in Verona; Mantua was just the place to which Romeo was banished.

    • Tigerlili .

      Lovers of Valdaro - found in Mantua, Italy, the city that Shakespeare set "Romeo and Juliet" in.

    • Kenadi S

      A sweet tattoo idea if you're into this kind of stuff

    • Shay Nicole

      Interesting & random

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