Liam can beatbox, has a fear of spoons, and skipped school a lot because he got bullied, and he is also bad at flirting. Zayne dances funny when he's drunk, likes to cuddle, likes girls with brains, and wants to stop smoking. Naille sings loudly when he's in the shower, can play guitar, and he has a life sized Obama that Liam bought him for Christmas.

Niall: "Hey, lads, look at that girl!" And Zayn and Liam are the only ones actually paying attention to the photographer.

Harry Styles

21 Celebrities Throwing Massive Side-Eye at Other Celebrities

This is the face ya get when you are Getting caught in the process of staring at your crush.


Read Your First Date/Hangout from the story One Direction Preferences by ("Kate" Annalea Horan) with reads.Harry - You and Harry were fr.

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I did chose the ones that make my world beautiful, harry little do you know you are apart of those 5 people

Blame it on Niall. But what where's Harry during all of this???

Whoever smelt it, dealt it so don't always assume it's my Nialler cause I know he admits his farts❤️ and I think it's cute of him ©Monica Wei Horan©