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Hubba Bubba Bubble gum tape great as a party favor - As Bart would write on the Blackboard "I will not chew bubblegum in class"

When Planter's discontinued these, they stole my childhood away. New recipe with a fake come back, don't be fooled.

Good Memories | Orange Juice Bubble Gum. Used to get this at the candy store on Nantucket :)

#spiritsays: Like a Pez dispenser, you offer sugary goodness to all in ear's reach. Tilt back and let yourself be refueled and refilled.

1990s Amurol Ouch! Bubble Gum tin by daniel85r, via Flickr

"Snack Foods From The 90's We Love" -- i just nostalgia-ed all over the place!!

Does anyone else remember OUCH! Bubble Gum?! I used to love it just because of the box! There are a whole bunch of other '90s foods on this page as well.

we had these books and we would look at them over and over and over!

90s food | 90s snack | 3D Doritos! Anyone else beside me want to see these babies make a comeback!???

'kid's slot machines' by orb9220 on flickr