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90s kid!

candy cane pens

Big Tooth Bubblegum ~ I had forgotten all about this gum that came in this large plastic tooth! I think I loved the container more than the gum! giggles. :)

Played countless games of Trouble

90 Monumental Moments for Girls Born in the '90s | Her Campus


Bubble Gum Cigars loved these


I thought I was the coolest 7 year old when u had this on. ;) 90s toys | Tumblr #Home

I loved these!

candy from the 60s | Candy of the 1960s -- Candy Necklace

Candy Cigarettes

The Worst #Fashion Trends of All Time: Remember when people wore pacifier necklaces in the 90s!?

Dr. Pepper Bubble Gum it's really good