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from BBC Sport

Cricket World Cup: Ireland's John Mooney bats in customised helmet

Cricket World Cup: Ireland's John Mooney bats in customised helmet - well it's wearable tech!

from Etsy

1920s FLAPPER Dress with Ribbonwork - All Original

1920s Ribbonwork Evening dress (and another entry in my list of things tragically mislabelled 'flapper')

from WIRED

What if We Could Design Wearables Right on Our Skin?

"Gannon is exploring modeling techniques that use the human skin as their primary interface. Her prototype is called Tactum. Instead of creating free-floating models in software like CAD, Gannon’s setup uses a Kinect camera and a projector to create a virtual modeling environment right on your hand. The projector beams blue lights onto the skin. That light represents the base geometry of the band you’ll eventually wear. The Kinect tracks your body and space and keeps the projection aligned."

from Mail Online

Chromat debuts tech-savvy collection at New York Fashion Week

Taking wing: Chromat debuted several technologically-advanced pieces during its Fashion Week show on Friday, including this Chromat Adrenaline Dress that has wings that expand in reaction to adrenaline

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Michael Wong on

Amazing Read! Disney's $1 Billion bet on a Magical Wristband - … #UX #invisibledesign

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We also have a few bits of wearable tech in stock #moto360 #galaxygear #pebblewatch

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3 brands making smartwatches that women actually want … @motorolaUK @HuaweiUK @pebble