dancin in the sand!

:) Sabrina had always loved the beach. He could still see her sitting in the sand whenever he shut his eyes...

agua y sol

feet in the sand


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.❤✦⊱,. Silhouette., ⊰✦❤ I am going to try this with my daughter at the beach...I have to have just the right lighting and I can accomplish this :) So gorgeous! I have done some silhouettes before but none at the beach.

This Would Be Like the Best Vacation Ever:Chilling on the beach during a beautiful summer night with the best friends ever. Maybe someday this will happen. Lake Powell?

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Looks like great fun!

this will be done this summer.

Can hardly wait for days at the beach, and fun in the sand. — @calypsostbarth

I want more pictures like this.


Summers ︵‿ ✽

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cute picture if the man held the sand heart in his hands like that and then the girl stood in the distance, but you could still see her. Now that would be a cute engagement picture idea

Lycia) bonfire party at the beach anyone??? Please I'm really bored