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  • Eric Edmonds

    **Spoiler Alert** But a brilliant mashup poster for The Prestige, Batman and Wolverine. Original Print by Olly Moss.

  • Mary Malmquist

    MIND BLOWN. #visual #art #nerd #geek #batman #marvel #wolverine #xmen #trick

  • Leiana Briganti

    Wolverine or 2 Batman? MINDBLOWN

  • Jenna Wheeler

    Wolverine VS Batman by Olly moss. Which do YOU see first?

  • C Y

    Comic book optical illusion. Which one do you see?

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I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. particularly Peter pickin up the money. LOL

Still have to see this movie...but I know I'll be thinking this lol

Beautiful Splatters of Superhero Characters…

Ok, this just takes me back to the "Batman Brave and the Bold" episode where he mets Sherlock Holmes. Sure, he didn't do that, but it brings me back.

"I am the best at what I do, but what I do is not very nice " wolverine

Hugh Jackman at SDCC. Makes me think of Zuko when the kid tells him that his scar is on the wrong side of his face.

reminds me of g3 - in the wolverine phase - couldn't get the costume off him for about 4 months - bath time included :)

L’excellent projet Super Flemish du photographe français Sacha Goldberger, qui transporte la Pop Culture et les super-héros dans la peinture flamande et la mode de l’ère élisabéthaine… De magnifiques versions retro de Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Robin, Hulk, ...