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Veronica and Sebastian

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Couple Drinking Beer at Inner Tube Floating Party on the Apple River Lámina fotográfica de primera calidad por Alfred Eisenstaedt en

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I would love for an engagement shoot to be an "ordinary day" type of style, where the couple just goes about their day together with the photographer grabbing moments. It could be really sweet!

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Find time for play is the secret of eternal youth ... find time to read, it is the foundation of wisdom. Find time for friendship is the road to happiness. find time to dream. Find time to love and be loved is the privilege of the gods ... Find time to help others: the day is too short to be stingy. Find time to laugh: it's the music of the soul - Young at Heart!

Sometimes you capture images at the best timing. Get out there and be fearless! (Maybe hand the camera off for this one) ;)

Cute couple

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cute couples

<3 cuteee!

summer love.

THATS SO COOL HAHA! how can someone get this pic and they must be able to hold their breath long to get this right(the girls not the photographer)

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