girl is nudging a boy into the sea | photo black & white . Schwarz-Weiß-Fotografie . photographie noir et blanc |

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bucket list, take a picture like this before I die

One of my favorite gifs <3


Bahahahahaha! Totally something bub and /or I would do! 18 Couples Who've Accomplished Their Questionable Relationship Goals

A cute relationship >>

And that night, he found just what he had always been looking for... right there in the produce aisle... xo

Veronica and Sebastian

obvs exactly waht billy and i look like on the beach and fig 8, duhs.

cute couples

@Rachelle Jaffarian

Couple Drinking Beer at Inner Tube Floating Party on the Apple River By Alfred Eisenstaedt

Those funny moments when you try to push someone in but they end up taking you in with :)

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Relationship goals

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