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Funny pictures about The brilliant philosophy of a grader. Oh, and cool pics about The brilliant philosophy of a grader. Also, The brilliant philosophy of a grader photos.

I've Had the Time of My Life - Cheezburger

Funny pictures about Life is just a big playground I guess. Oh, and cool pics about Life is just a big playground I guess. Also, Life is just a big playground I guess.

Exactly. The Jesus actually reflected by the New Testament, not the fictional, intolerant, anti-immigrant, anti-refuge, anti-poor, anti-sick, anti-weak and vulnerable, pro-gun, pro-war, pro-1%, pro-corporate, pro-Trump, Republican Jesus.

John Cusack on his hero, in the June Vanity Fair. "Let's go with Jesus…… Thank you, John Cusack.

What else is a little brother for?

Sometimes being random is a good thing. Most of the time being funny is a great thing, so these random funny pictures and a good, great thing. Enjoy both the randomness and and humor of these pictures.

My Heart Throb  <3

funny graphs - My Heart Throb

Still fighting the same stupid fights after all these years!! But we will always resist & fight back!!  Our beautiful America deserves our never giving up!!  We will be honored to fight for kindness, caring, love & peace.. not the ugly, mean, hateful ways that are showing up every day lately

Imagine how stupid you are going to look in 40 years. In 40 years, everyone will think that people who protested gay marriage are just as stupid and bias as people who protested inter-racial marriage 40 years ago.

I'm happily unmarried and even more happily without child. Must mean I'm also getting more awesome!

When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. - Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris), How I Met Your Mother

Street art is usually stupid but the one at the top shares a great message

Urban Street Art...

The keyboard keys are in the correct order, it's a Dutch keyboard, which is AZERTY instead of QWERT.