• Brenda Kaliszewski

    Truth, Scott knows nothing will get done when Im reading a good book :)

  • amy smith

    I'm just going to read a few pages of my book. Translation: leave me alone going to read 100 pages - reading books humor and quotes

  • Lauren Trochesset

    So true! I find a good book and I am lost for days!

  • Kristin Castro

    A book nerd's life #reading #bookworm #funny #quote

  • Sherry Walker

    .True story, oh so true.

  • Alicia Hart

    If it's worth reading, read it. If it's not at least give it a hundred pages. Then you can say you gave it a fair shot.

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Every time... :)

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Audio Book on my Iphone. Best way I've ever read a book!

A fun easy to read book. I really liked it.

Great book

After putting it off and putting it off...I finally read it last summer... and SO glad I did!

Emma Donoghue. Loved this book!!! Couldn't put It down.