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  • Joseph Taylor

    Diabetic Patients Must Do Follow Some Important Tips During Air Travel

  • Jean Devenish

    Si quiere ver el futuro de la internet, puede mirarse en el espejo del servicio de las Aerolineas

  • Linda Langston

    Compression Socks -

  • Yvonne Viles

    Passenger With His Knees Against a Sleeping Businessman's Chair on an Aeroplane

  • Jason Stephenson

    Knees Need a Defender: There's No Excuse for Leaning Back on an Airplane

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How to prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) during travel. #DVT #DVTPrevention #AmesWalker

How to Prevent #DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis while traveling. There are certian things to do when you travel if you have #CVI or Varicose Veins that will help prevent a DVT. 1. Wear Graduated Compression Hose 2. Take Walking Breaks and/or Do Exercises 3. Elevate your Legs above your Heart 4. Hydrate with lots of water and avoid alcoholic beverages and sodas or teas that would dehydrate you. www.lewisesellers... #veins #varicose #prevent #travel #dvt

The Ticket Masters When to buy airline tickets Simple fact: Airlines make money from anticipating our buying habits. Shop early, but don’t always buy early. Airlines start offering cheaper seats about 4 months before departure (5 months for international). Economist Makoto Watanabe says 8 weeks is best time to buy ∏A = gUG + min(k-g, (1-g)(1-r)) But another study from Airlines Reporting Corp says 6 weeks out is when to buy Prices change up to 3x per day Sign up for email alerts for prices S

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Business traveller? Flying away for Easter holidays? Cabin Staff? Don't put up with sluggish, aching legs and feet. Get some support socks.

hmmmm interesting! Cover each bottle top of a layer of plastic wrap (before placing the lid on) to prevent leaks when traveling!

LOL....Don't need to bring along that inflatable travel pillow!

The Canvas Travel Pouch is a must have item while you are traveling. Securely store all your vital documentation like your A4 sized online boarding pass, receipts, passwords and more.