How to Implement Blended Learning (#INFOGRAPHIC)

A Visual Guide To Every Single Learning Theory

This little secret was revealed in an Google Apps Show episode a couple weeks ago. This is soooooo simple! There is an even easier way to allow others to preview a Google Doc, Sheet or Slide presentation. Instead of going through the sharing settings, or grabbing the shareable link, simply change the word, “edit,” in the url to “preview.” No matter if there are characters after the word edit or not, this should work.

9 Characteristics Of 21st Century Learning

Future Learning | Education and learning could look radically different in the next few years. The education foundation KnowledgeWorks has released a forecast on the future of learning, focusing on ways that technology and new teaching strategies are shaking up traditional models.

New Guide! Mobile Devices for Learning: What You Need to Know | Edutopia

Describes the six basic implementation strategies for whole brain teaching: Class-Yes, The Scoreboard, Teach-Okay, Hands and Eyes, Switch, and Mirror.

Interesting to compare this with curriculum maps. Aligning Assessments with Learning Objectives.

Blended Learning: 10 Trends Infographic - Getting Smart by Getting Smart Staff - blended learning, digital learning, EdTech, Online Learning...

The 7 #StylesOfLearning: Which Works For You? #Learning #Infographic

Projects vs. Project-Based Learning - Nice explanation of the differences

How Personalized Learning Can Benefit Students Infographic -

6 Emerging Technologies in Education (infographic)

Blended Learning

in my dream classroom....

learning theories

How Do We Raise Critical Thinkers?

Cooperative Learning: 7 Free PDF Assessment Instruments