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New Uses for Old Things in the Kitchen

Corn on the cob upright in an angel food cake pan.Cut corn from the cob without the mess. Place an ear in the center of a Bundt pan. As you slide the knife down, the corn will fall right into the pan.

Small arrow points to side of car with gas tank filler - son of a gun!

DIY Home Sweet Home

100 Random Tips - interesting! including - Can't remember which side of the car your gas tank is on? Look at your gas gauge. Most cars have a small arrow pointing to the side that the tank is located.

Fruitvliegen...... Het werkt echt! .....Op de bodem van de pot, zet wat fruit. Gebruik tape om de randen af te dichten	.Alle fruitvligen werden opgesloten in ongeveer 12 uur!... Pffff

Fruit Fly trap via Amy Huntley (The Idea Room) This is such a great idea! This time of year, drives me crazy.if you have a fruit fly problem, you will be happy you tried! I'm going to give it a try!

wow!!! so many great tips all in one pin!

Ideas I would have never thought of. Not so sure about the bagel holder or using floss to cut things. Good ideas nonetheless!

Traveling safely with razors - attach a large binder clip

14 Clever Travel Hacks To Make Your Trip Awesome

Safely pack your razor with a binder clip & 13 more travel hacks to make life easier when traveling - one time I didn't and I was rummaging in the dark. The next morning I had blood all over me because I'd cut my fingers and didn't even know.

Storing onions, garlic, and shallots in punched paper bags can keep them fresh for months. onions_storage2.jpg

How to Store Onions, Garlic & Shallots

34 ways to make your stuff last longer.Store Onions, Garlic, and Shallots in a bag punched with holes. they will be as fresh and firm in three months as they were the day you purchased them!

31 Things You Can Freeze To Save Time and Money! Love This! - This is freakin genius. Ahh...so much food wasted before!!

20 Ways To Use Your Freezer To Save Time And Money

Tips: ~Top 31 Things You Can Freeze To Save Time and Money ~ ("ever wonder why plastic milk jugs have those circle indents on the side? They are there to allow milk to expand while freezing! I had no idea!") ~ Great site with the best freezer tips

Life hack

How to Keep Flies Away When Eating Outside. Lemons and whole cloves are the secret! Put some Cloves in a lemon. Many outdoor restaurants are currently using this technique setting them on tables around the outdoor eating areas.

Was für eine tolle Idee :) Einfach Rezepte die man kochen möchte, mit einem Kleiderbügel aufhängen und schon kann es los gehen :)  Kleiner Tipp von mir: das Rezept vorher in eine Plastikfolie legen ;)

101 Household Tips for Every Room in your Home

Hanger with clips keeps your recipe at eye level.diy home sweet home: Tips, Tips, and More Tips

I'm repinning this because....IT WORKS! My lettuce stays fresh for ever...and when I see it in my fridge... it makes me want to eat it...cant beat that!

31 Ways to Use a Mason Jar in Your Kitchen

Pinner said:::.IT WORKS! My lettuce stays fresh for ever…and when I see it in my fridge… it makes me want to eat it…cant beat that!