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  • Katja Anderson

    'Spymaster' to Queen Elizabeth I: Sir Francis Walsingham (possibly after John De Critz the Elder), c. 1587. National Portrait Gallery, London.

  • Alain Truong

    Sir Francis Walsingham, Unknown artist, late 16th century © National Portrait Gallery, London.

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Isaac Oliver "Queen Elizabeth I : The Rainbow Portrait" 1600

Elizabeth I- proved that she did not need a man by her side to rule.

NOT "Glove of Elizabeth I" Wishful thinking. This is contemporary art by Rozanne Hawksley. www.rozannehawksl...

Bess of Hardwick/Elizabeth I: "The Hardwick Portrait", c1599, by Nicholas Hilliard and his workshop was commissioned by Bess of Hardwick. Bess also embroidered the skirt the queen is wearing in the portrait. The elaborate design includes flowers, sea serpents, and dragons. The painting can be viewed still at Hardwick Hall.

Queen Elizabeth I. With what looks like Mauve agates which we saw used in her personal travel cutlery also. Although more likely to be dyed mauve lavender pearls. With white pearls draped around her neck closer to her face and of course the magnificent Pearl Drop Earrings

My favorite Queen of them all was Queen Elizabeth 1 - The later years of Elizabeth's reign are sometimes referred to as a Golden Age.

A gold coin of Queen Elizabeth I of England, featured at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

Princess Elizabeth’s, later Queen Elizabeth I, letter to her sister Queen Mary I. Written just before she was taken to the Tower.

Elizabeth ... (from the film) ..... However this woman is one of the most remarkable women ever, I am proud to be British Mainly due to her reign!

Portraits of Queen Elizabeth The First, Part 2: Portraits 1573-1587

Queen Elizabeth I surrounded herself with highly intelligent and loyal advisors, such as Sir William Cecil, Sir Francis Walsingham, and Sir Robert Cecil, who gave her sound political advice. A major accomplishment of the Elizabethan government was the defeat of the Spanish Armada of 132 ships by the English fleet of just 34 ships and 163 armed merchant vessels, under the command of the Queen's cousin, Lord Howard of Effingham, and Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Hawkins.

Sir Francis Walsingham-Born: 1530, Scadbury Park, Chislehurst, Kent, England-Died: 6 Apr 1590, Seething Lane, London, Middlesex, England Principal Secretary to Elizabeth I of England from 1573 until 1590, and is popularly remembered as her "spymaster". Elizabeth I. nicknamed him her 'Moor'.