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  • Sarah G

    singing phones: The PVC singing telephone allows students to hear themselves as they sing and speak. It is a great tool for pitch and speech correction. @Elizabeth Barton- have you seen this?

  • Miss mam

    whisper phones

  • Krista Kelsey-Staves

    Phonics Phone!! These are AWESOME for kids learning to read!

  • Clare Eggleston

    singing phones - I need to get a class set of these!

  • Sarah Johnston

    singing phones- Wow. our first grade teachers have these- I never thought of using them for singing I LOVE IT

  • Shauntae

    These are AWESOME for kids learning to read. The phone allows them to hear their voice making the letter sounds reinforcing the sound pronunciation....this would be good for Matthew's speech too

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For Solfege Wars! A game taught by John Fierabend at a Conversational Solfege Workshop. Put a staff on the board with the pitches the kids are learning (without rhythm) (ex. mi, re, do). You call the pitch, 1st kid points with the light saber and sings it, then call another pitch and Kid #2 points and sings w/ light saber (while the 1st kid is STILL singing his/her pitch) THEN while kid #2 is singing call another pitch for kid #1 ) First kid to mess up is out, let another kid go, last kid st...

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Singing is Learning is a complication of many of the songs and chants that I use during the school year to keep my students focused and learning. Singing/Chanting is a huge part of my management system. I never send my students back to their seats with out a chant to keep their mouths busy and their minds learning. $6.99

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