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Accept what is, Let go of what was, And have faith in what will be. <3 I love this tattoo <3

YUP.... I was told I wouldn't come close to beating my previous marathon time last year and KILLED it by 24 minutes. Your doubt is my INSPIRATION BABY!!

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I love this, may tweak the design i have for my upper back and combine the orchid with the stars. I already have orchids on another, that way all my tattoos will tie in with one another :)

a tattoo that my girlfriend and i got to symbolize our promise to love each other “infinitely.” we didn’t want to do names or dates… because we didn’t want to jinx anything or regret anything in the future… if ever.  tattoo done in Pittsburgh, PA (Kyklops Tattoo)

ive never seen this placement before and i love it! This will b my next tattoo!!! <3