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  • Danielle Smith

    "I like to think of playing the Doctor as being like the President of America, Gordon Brown ceases to be Prime Minister the minute David Cameron walks in, but like Bill Clinton and George Bush, who will always be Mr President, I will always be the Doctor." - David Tennant <3 the Tenth Doctor - "Doctor Who"

  • Cheryl Mulkey

    10th - my fave Time Lord ❤

  • Megan Marie

    David Tennant as the 10th Doctor. Dr Who

  • Tabitha Carroll

    David Tennant - 10th Dr Who - My FAVORITE Doctor

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OMG this is so funny!!!! I hope this person spent all night walking around graveyards all night looking for the TARDIS

How did I miss this when I was watching the series?

12 Doctor Who Days of Christmas

Doctor Who Printable TARDIS.

What would you do if you found the TARDIS like this in the forest? #tardis #doctorwho #thedoctor ~ open the door, peak inside, see if there's a doctor around... If not, hope I know enough to get it functioning, then go and pick up ALL MY FRIENDS AND BE AWESOME TOGETHER SAVING THE GALAXY... xD

Doctor who

DIY Doctor Who Terrarium

Yes please

Something I need to start doing.

Gallifreyan alphabet

This took me a second but I got it

Don't skip 9. I love him.


His pick up line is "Hi. I'm Captain Jack Harkness"

what a gentleman.

Amy's boys. Love that centurion!

the BBC!

Boy Crush, Girl Crush.

guys, don't freak out. snape was a slytherin, too. they're not ALL bad. there's two good ones!

hipster river.