Scooby :)

Matching costumes (maybe not these exact ones) for Nour & her puppy this Halloween...I think so! ;)

great dane

Great Dane Puppies - Look at those giant paws! I want one!! or all...

Harlequin Great Dane ~ flower cow 3 by Gadabout-Photography.deviantart*

Great Dane


"I'm ready for my bath!" ~ Dog Shaming shame - Great Dane - Some just never grow up..

Happy Wednesday everyone! | The Cutest Animals You Have Ever Seen …

Let’s cut to the chase here…so much love

great dane ginger white, wow ive never seen this color!

great dane!

Great Dane

Largest Mastiff Breed | ... dog the great dane dog by the name of george is the tallest largest

great dane

Top 5 Great Dane Dogs You have Ever Seen

puppies of golden retrievers. #golden retrievers, #puppies

great dane

great dane

Hello little one