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The Kingdom of God is within You - Luke17:21: Especially if your Philosophy is "Loving Kindness"...

The Kingdom of God is within You - Luke17:21: Nothing exists that is not one with Him - Moses Co...

The Kingdom of God is within You - Luke17:21: The Yoga of Jesus

The Kingdom of God is within You - Luke17:21: Love your Neighbor as Your SELF !

Life is meant to be lived in Eternal Joy, Infinite Freedom, Unconditional Love and Unbounded Awareness. Any other life is utterly missing the point of being born a human' M.S.I

The kingdom of God is within you can live this every moment.... live free of fear

I love seeing in myself the balance between discipline and joy, until both are totally intertwined. It is a discipline to meditate everyday, but this practice brings joy. It is a discipline to stop habitual thinking and return to the presence of the Infinite peace now, but that decision is the creator of experiencing peace, love and joy. Jaya Ishaya

Acceptance isn't giving up your dreams or desires. It is knowing that life can only be experienced now. All journeys are made of single steps consisting of the same intention. Acceptance is the end of the past and the future. Comparison cannot exist in the light of acceptance. Acceptance is dawning of peace, contentment, joy and forgiveness - for yourself and for all others. Accept everything, resist nothing. Arjuna Ishaya

Once you see clearly that it is attachment to the movements of the mind that pull you out of your Peace, it is truly heroic not to continue to give those movements any attention, but to surrender all of the belief in limitation to an experience of Divine Love. Narain Ishaya