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Best safety razors no. 2. Jack Black Double Edge Safety Razor. A German-engineered, handcrafted safety razor that was made in cooperation with the revered manufacturer Muhle (more about them later), and it’s a sleek and modern shaver that provides a relatively non-aggressive shave.

Muhle Vivo Safety Double Edge Razor and Shaving Brush 4 Piece Set Plum Tree Wood S81M331SSR

Best safety razors no. 4. Muhle R41 Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor. The reasonably-priced three-piece R41, often called the most aggressive safety razor on the market and often referred to as “the beast.”

Muhle Sophist Double Edge Safety Razor.High Grade Resin, Black: Muhle is a leading producer of some of the finest shaving equipment.

Muhel 89 DE Safety Razor. The Muhle 89 is one of the best selling double edge safety razors on today's market. Read Our Review @

January 12th 2017 - Shave of the day #Muhle #Rocca #R96 safety razor (GER) #Kai double edge blade (JPN) #Bullfrog shaving cream (ITA) #Fine #FreshVetiver #aftershave (USA) #synthetic shaving brush by @jasper_the_cirneco (USA) Great balanced razor with an heavy weight and a fantastic head design. @olly3gs said: "awesome razor very precisely balanced and exactly in the middle between R89 and R41. Rocca is more aggressive than Feather AS-D2 and as precise as Feather is. Top cap is almost…

Muhle R89 Double-Edge Classic Safety Razor, Rose Gold Handle

Muhle R89 Double-Edge Classic Safety Razor, Rose Gold Handle at