Rustic ladder decor

Another great way to reuse an old wooden ladder.

How to build a rustic branch & twig tuteur

庭 : 小さな手作りガーデン

Wash tub planter.

for the junk garden

so schön!

28 Up-cycles for the garden.///make my own ladder any size and then add tins & drawers, pots, birdhouses--whatever *** I love this!!!

Rustic Garden....wisteria on the trellis..

Make birdhouses for Garden (20 Ideas)

an old ladder decorated with plants and birdhouses

rustic upcycle!

what to do with that old sewing machine base

What a lovely way to show off a beautiful garden, even if you are short on space! Your guests are certain to love this idea!

A little bit of garden whimsy with a wooden ladder as planter with wisteria cover

Garden Crafts Decorate Outdoor Living Spaces.....I've had the Rickster's old boots from the Navy filled with plants sitting near the front porch steps for years and have really loved the creation and originality of the design....I have an old ladder inside decorating one of our rooms....maybe it's time to move that ladder outside because I sure think that I love this idea.

Old Painted Ladder...with old drawers as plant holders.

flower patio...gorgeous... wish I had a place to do this!

Rustic garden or the country garden is widely popular and known for all even people who do not live in the countryside. Rustic garden style is very impress