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    “Your clock is ticking …” | "Your clock is ticking ..."

    Metaphysics. so interested in it. there is more to life than a living it by just one book... #justsayin

    moment by moment. something i want to do more of. live in the moment.

    DIY. i love do it yourself everything. i wish i could literally do everything myself. haha.

    justin nozuka. omygosh he's my favorite. so much passion in his voice. i truly connect with his music.

    i've wanted this guitar for over a year now. but along with all the other musical things i want, this one's probably the last thing i need. :(

    Twilight. yup. i'm a twihard.

    Love Spell. kinda ridiculous, but this is the only scent i wear. been wearing it since high school XP

    Gardenia. my most favorite flower because it smells amazing.

    Ufo. i definitely believe in life on other planets. i think it's more ridiculous to think we are the only planet with intelligent life in an infinite and forever expanding universe.

    Michael Jackson ♥ i have literally been listening to Michael Jackson since birth. there's a story in my family that whenever Michael Jackson was playing particularly the song "Smooth Criminal" i would get up in my crib from a deep sleep and start dancing. hahaha not kidding.

    Marilyn Monroe. i've always loved her. she is magnificently beautiful and was a really courageous and unique soul. a rebel at heart and very articulate. brains and beauty.

    doggy babies. baby doggies. i love them. more than i love people.

    Owls. i LOVE owls. they are sooo damn cute. :)

    Mythology. My MOST FAVORITE class in high school. I LOVED reading the stories and imagining a different world. I really want to get another mythology book.

    Astronomy. Probably the only science I ever liked when I was in school. It was the only science class I took in college :) still love learning anything about space.

    Lakers. I am a Laker fan and LOVE basketball. I played it as a kid and all throughout high school.

    Be So HAPPY! i want to be. i'd love to be that little ray of sunshine for the people i encounter. working on it.

    i love the daily love. ♥ it helps me wake up with a better perspective and deeper awareness of creating peace and happiness in my life.

    The secret. read this book in 07 and have tried a lot to use this in my life. i created a vision board 2 years ago and so much of it came true. gonna make another one this weekend. ♥

    Meditation. something i love doing and need to do more of.

    spice girls! girls power! used to pretend to be one of them with Miki Souza :) ♥

    Clueless. i'm definitely a child of the 90's.

    *NSYNC. i am not ashamed to say that i've loved them since 95'

    ed sheeran! one of my musical heros. gahhhhh!