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Tamara, Grüner - Necklace "Chrysanthemen – In memoriam R. Lalique" 2009 Historical metal plate - blackened, various plastics, pigment, blackened silver; 10,8 x 7,0 x 1,9 cm; COLLECTION SCHMUCKMUSEUM PFORZHEIM

Tamara Grüner - Brooch "Bavaria Brunft" 2010 Blackened metal, various plastic, pigment, black porcelain, blackened silver, steel; 11,5 x 6,1 x 1,5 cm

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Have you Seen This Forgotten PoMo Jewelry by 1980s Architects?

Tamara Grüner Brooch: Niemals vergessen, 2010 Historical pressing in blackened metal, plastic, pigment, blackened silver, iron, steel 11,8 x 7,7 x 1,0 cm

Tamara Grüner - Brooch "Madame Chrysanthème" 2010 Historical pressing in blackened metal, various plastic, pigment, blackened silver, steel; 12,5 x 5,5 x 2,2 cm

Victorian Bohemian Garnet Brooch - Rich Red Garnets and Small pearl eyes comprise this beautiful insect brooch. Set in Garnet Gold, The wing span is appx 1 3/4 inches and the body is approximately 1 inch long.

Tamara, Grüner Necklace: Omnia vincit amor, 2010 Historical pressing in blackened metal, black porcelain, plastic, pigment, blackened silver, onyx 9.4 x 7.3 x 2.3 cm