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So do you want a long-distance runner's body or a sprinter's body?No question for me!

Yes more running countless hours and globo aerobic classes and back and bis and leg days for me...rather be fit than look it #truth

Yes more running countless hours and globo aerobic classes and back and bis and leg days for me.rather be fit than look it

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Best Strength Moves for Runners! A strong butt equals a happy runner! Strengthen your glutes and you'll not only move faster but also cut your chances of injury!

Boston Marathon! Every runners ultimate dream is to qualify for Boston!!

April - The Boston Marathon, Boston, Massachusetts * Spring returns to New England on foot today, as runners line up to clog the streets of Boston in the Boston Marathon. The world's oldest continually run marathon, it dates back to

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Get Inspired to Get Fit!

Weight Loss Success Story from Kristen Collins - How a bride-to-be slimmed down, shaped up, and got healthy in time for her wedding.

Running Shoe Lacing Techniques « pretty great tips but with a high instep and wide forefoot I might be better barefoot! ;)

how to tie running shoes to better fit your foot shape // Running Shoe Lacing Techniques katieRUNSthis this is really helpful if you have high arches and need to take the pressure off of the arch bone. I am thrilled to learn this after all this time!

Cardio-acceleration. Fat-burning, muscle-toning fitness.

Summer's almost here! Grab a jump rope and give this fat-burning celeb trainer workout a spin

Slim down and shape up for bikini season with cardio-acceleration, the newest and fastest way to burn mega calories. Here's a five-move cardio-acceleration workout from celebrity trainer Jackie Warner.


Runners keep going for the finish line, even if someone has already reached it. (Nike) tips health solutions health