this is for all the tree hugging vegetarians,peta people haha

western colts, pistol tee, white tanktop, 1AEON women's burnout white soft tank with western colts - size XL. $29.00, via Etsy.


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That is funny! I am as nice as a punk kid until you mess you me then you get me country roots and y'all better run!

Yup. Never seem to understand and accept this though, sometimes I don't want to give up on people.


Very true


Oh so true!

so very true.

hahaha so true..

Wanted Cowboy. comment in the box and i will somehow get u a place 2 send them

yup. (:

The amount of camo I'm seeing in school now is insane...I don't know what to do about it. I always question them bout how there hunting season went haha i so funny, and talk boutbmy cows and horse hay and cutting firewod the looks are pricless, i was raised right i love hunting fishing and mudding, i ired of all the fake from where im from!




this top <3

I'm The Pink in HIs World of Camo Handstamped Necklace. $26.00, via Etsy. LOVEEEE this for chay!

<3 ;