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Haha! Yes

Only if every pool had a sexy lifeguard as one if these., suddenly I forgot how to swim. Come save me(:


funny quotes walking around. T-rex arms.

You are some kind of sorcerer.

It’s magic…

Like if you remember this lol

A box of Monsters University cookies has a sticker over the face of Mike Wazowski, mirroring a running gag in the original 'Monsters, Inc. I'M DYING. JUST YES.

amy's baking company - Google Search

chef gordon ramsay meme crab The Best of the Chef Ramsay Meme

@Mayra Gonzalez  =))

I'm such a dork.I love Grammar jokes, because I hate bad Grammar.


Swag bats…

:I always think of the crazy sheep when people say "bahaha."

that sheep/goat thing. i'm laughing so hard. i'm gonna pee my pants.

Every time my dental hygienist asks me "How often do you floss?" I say, "It's been a while. Why do you ask?" #DentalHumor #DentalJokes #HygienistJokes #HygienistHumor

This popped into my head, as my dental hygenist was flossing my teeth. I couldn't stop laughing! - same thing happened to me when I went to the dentist recently!

Haha, so true!!

Do this everytime! I hate walking back up the stairs and to the parking lot to bring groceries into my apartment!