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I She made “Whore” a proper noun, And gave herself respectability. II I want to paint a river, But the waters Will not stand still for it. III If the door is left open Too much life May come in. IV I thought of you But you could not hear me. KB zerno roli

Colors spring 2013 Pure&Original. styling & photography Stefanie Zegwaard

Nadav Kander

Nicole codon

lucia messeguer


The Guide to Getting Lost is a pocket sized book which defines the concept of the Flaneur. Using the language of the Park Service and backcountry maps, the guide aims to introduce the participant to a city without the concern of street names and directions. Inside, there are three maps which can guide the participant to a state of "being lost" thus opening up the opportunity for discovery.

Artistic Nude #Green


Pegasus by Susan Friedman


ph. marta gil

by lauren {elycerose}

david galstyan

DUE by © 2012 arha

Frans Klerkx

Helen Masacz - Empty Bed / How Can You Sleep At Night. Oil on Board, 70x44 cm


Finch & Fawn

Auguste Rodin