Melted crayons art

make your own world map with melted crayons. place the world's silhouette on a canvas and add color by holding your hair-drier in front of the crayons, so that the color will be blown on the canvas. after you've finished, remove the cut-out world map and let it dry. that's it.

Fabric bleach art.

Fun Toddler Art on Canvas- would be good for art auction with young kids. Each do individual canvas.

Shave crayons in whatever color/pattern onto a canvas, cover with wax paper and iron the whole canvas! The crayons will melt, creating your masterpiece!! Gonna have to try this one!

How to make melted crayon art on canvas!

da camicia a grembiule OKAY, I don't speak Italian but the idea is cute! Basically she said she did this as a no sew project with 'Hem" Iron adhesive type product......

Old Book Pages and Bright Color - I love how this looks. Great project to do with kids - decoupage old book pages onto a piece of wood - let dry - use it as canvas for artwork - cheap, easy, rewarding!


I'm in love with the Cocoa. I got em on the low low lol :)

Dorm ideas?

love it: melting crayon x charcoal eye on canvas

crayon art... love

magazine rolls on any shape you want - the vintage whale in sepia tones, whale tail, moose - province in maps & words of the province....

canvas and buttons

Put paint tape to cover the place to stencil, put paint filled balloons around canvas, pop with darts, let dry, use stencil to add silhouette. Love love love this!!

paint, painters tape, more paint, voila!