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  • Z.J. Ascensio

    Get off the falcon stage, you hack! The only thing you’re preying on is our brain cells!

  • Jayme Ottersburg

    Amazing Creatures: 30 Funny animal captions - part 13 (30 pics)

  • Karla Arroyo

    pressive peregrine falcons (photos by sdwildgene) Thespian falcon. I AM LAUGHING SO HARD C’EST PARFAIT #to fly or not to fly—that is the question #whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the gusts and winds of outrageous fortune #or to take wing against a sea of fish and by opposing eat them

  • Sarah Inman

    cute captions 2 Daily Awww: Funny captions make cute photos better (27 photos)

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Peregrine Falcon, known as the fastest bird, attaining up to 200 mph in a stoop or dive...

Beautiful. I wish the photographer had his/her name on the photo. Whoever you are, thank you.

Falcon Suzanne -- I would see 10 or more of these, what I called a sparrow hawk, on my drives back and forth between Fort Worth, Texas, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Sometimes they would be right next to the highway in the median, or in a tree close to the fence line, or on the fence. Twice I saw two on a fence only about four feet apart. The breast was more cream than this, but flying down the hey at 75 mph - who knows. But I loved their stoic beauty.

Male Red-footed Falcon | Male Red-footed Falcon, Bulgaria

Falcon (Photo by maggie230)

yes, there really is a chicken in there somewhere - a silkie

I don't have the heart to tell him he's not a dog. (oh Bob) here to find out more

Gyrfalcon, Falco rusticolus.

Just bought a hat for my dog…

That is soooo funny - especially since I just reorganized my pantry, & all of a sudden, three noses came searching to see what was new!😋