Funny Beer Label - My Wife's Bitter!

Really awesome beer vs wine comparison, with some interesting stats about wine, wine festivals, and the growth in popularity

Beer types

Well's Banana Bread Beer - More banana than Yazoo's Hefeweizen, but not too banana and not too sweet. Yum!

Hops Varieties for beer lovers!


LOL Beer Me!

How to be a Beer Snob with One Chart #Infographic

Blue beer

Growler Guys Phssssh - the new way to keep your craft beer fresh.


make beer not war

Abashiri created the world's first blue beer! They get the blue colour by brewing with seaweed

Enjoy great #craftbeer anytime you have the chance. Life is too short to drink cheap #beer.



So cool! Personalized Craft Beer Growler

What's wrong with my beer?