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    • Marci Rosenblum

      Mobile Web And How It Changes How We Live #Infographic

    • Jan Gordon

      via Anise Smith via Devstand onto Mobile Marketing The Year of Mobile: How Mobile Has Changed the Way We Live [Infographic]

    • Merrin Pearse

      Mobile Infographic - How the mobile phone keeps changing

    • Agence Indigo

      How mobile changes how we live #infographic

    • Jeremy Gwa

      As the mobile revolution continues, so does our reliance on mobile technology. Mobile has changed the way we live, think and work. In 2009 half a billion used the mobile web worldwide: this is expected to double within 5 years as mobile becomes the most popular way to get on the web. But it’s not only about mobile web, there are mobile video, mobile apps and many others.. ----BTW, Please Visit:

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    Mobile Email Marketing Infographic via John Van den Brink

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    Smartphone Penetration [INFOGRAPHIC]

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    via Anise Smith via Devstand onto Mobile Marketing The Year of Mobile: How Mobile Has Changed the Way We Live [Infographic]