Losing yourself in a book.

at the bottom of staircase, lying on the ground. {ohhh.}

This. Please.

Reading is Magic

creative senior pictures. Like the book in the street. Be great in main street with plans or sketches. :)

Senior photography. Senior girl photos. Pics. Poses. Street. Highway. Lying down.




Fearless – Les photographies envoutantes et surréalistes de Rosie Hardy

Bulgaria by Simeon Simeonov

What could be more luxurious than a stack of books, a cup of coffee and a rainy day?

on an old European train with a good book

Lieux secrets by Melissa Nucera on Etsy #Photography #Forest #River

Books Make Me Happy HAHA, FUNNY!

*** Three Rivers Deep (book series) "A two-souled girl begins a journey of self-discovery..." synopsis: https://threeriversdeep.wordpress.com/three-rivers-deep-book-one-overview/ pic source: http://www.downgraf.com/inspiration/imaginative-photography-photography-inspiration-13/