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Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....sweet dreams


Of hearth and home

Some dogs have an intelligence that is evident by simply looking them in the eyes. You get an instant understanding that you can communicate with this dog on a level above "sit," "stay" and "treat?" I love it when I see a dog with intelligent eyes.

Just a mix...of me

Adorable Pitbull!

Cute Cute Cute! I want one! hehe #cute #dog #pet #animal #pets #dogs #puppy #puppies

5 Amazing dog smiles | The Pet's Planet

Cute pitbullpuppies

Pets for life

Top 10 Cutest Dogs!

Fluffy Puppy.

golden laziness oh please take me there 😍

Unconditional love from a dog is amazing.

black dog

Cant wait to bring home one of these!!

How Adorkable Are These Animals in Bow Ties?!

so adorable!!!

Violet & Olive


Kitty Cuteness Overload

Siberian husky/German Shepherd mix

Dogs aren't the only ones capable of "puppy love!" Our pets teach us valuable lesson too.