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Pink hair, flowers, and big lashes. Love, love, love.

Nature girl halo in ivory style C101 by mignonnehandmade on Etsy

Do it-your-selfers may utilize clipon or tape-on extensions to obtain a look and feel that’s momentary with pink hair

Random crap that is totes popular now... Back in my day, you would have gotten clowned for not having enough $$$ to get your roots done SON. LOL!!

This pink hair looks like Rose's hair from Steven Universe. ♥

winter hair well this is what hair is meant to look like in winter!

Aww! Thx Lydia :) my Pinterest dosent let me comment because I used the wrong email and for weeks I have tried to change it but it won't let me :( I tried all day today to! It just won't work unless I wipe out my whole account which I would NEVER do, so I have to use the descriptions :/ ya it sucks

Wish I could have hair like this without being fired from my job for having it.