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    When you want to add layers of depth, build extra texture or gain more control with your acrylic paintings... A colorless gel medium for acrylics, this acrylic transparentizer increases the transparency and clarity of opaque, semi-transparent and transparent colors in glaze and wash applications. Full-bodied and absolutely clear when dry, acrylic colors maintain their hue, consistency and brushing characteristics, ideal for transparent impasto effects and textured glazes.

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    Acrylic Painting - Grass easy painting Try It Now!VERY EASY Acrylic Lesson This is Part 6/7 of a beautiful seascape painting If you want to watch all series in 1 short videa watch: "Acrylic Lesson Online - How To Paint A Picture With Acrylic" To watch all 7 videos of this painting Here are the titles: Paint a sky with acrylic 1/7 Acryli...

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