Christmas Stocking Burberry Blue Wool Plaid by theCottageWorkroom, $30.00

Christmas Stockings French Script Burlap by theCottageWorkroom

Stocking Antique Velvet Crazy Quilt by theCottageWorkroom on Etsy

Christmas Stocking Handmade from Upcycled by vintagefindsetcetera, $15.00

I'm Enameled Of You by Judy on Etsy

Christmas Glass Ornament Joey Clown by RemindersOfThePast on Etsy, $18.00

Rustic Christmas Invitation Snow Wood Holiday by AfterFebruary

2 Vintage Silver Plated Reindeer Christmas by UrbanRenewalDesigns, $28.00

Vintage Mid Century Christmas Tablecloth by TheLittleThingsVin, $32.00

Vintage Minnow Bucket Wire Basket Cone by UrbanRenewalDesigns, $24.00

Vintage Christmas Tablecloth Mid Century by AStringorTwo on Etsy, $18.00

Vintage Sleigh Mug Christmas Holiday Scene by TheLittleThingsVin, $19.00

vintage little gold elf ornament // 1970 // gold by umbrellafant, $6.00

Vintage Santa Plate OCI Ceramic Christmas Serving by NanNasThings, $10.00

MCM Gold Ginger Jar Mid Century Mod Jar Large by HarpersFlea, $42.00

Bright and happy, "make a statement" table top decoration inspiration. Rustic Christmas Decorations- Modernmagazin

Red Hot Vintage Kitchen by Samantha Murry on Etsy

Get Organized by Kimberly on Etsy

Urban Industrial Warehouse Grunge Living by Cathy Byrne on Etsy

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