Ra-De-Da, Pio Pinos Pappoose

Half-length studio portrait of Ra-De-Da, a Ute Native American woman and her baby, Pio Pinos; the baby is strapped in a cradleboard.

Matalea and her daughter Rosalee - Flathead - circa 1906

Matalea, a Native American woman on the Flathead Indian Reservation in western Montana, poses with a young baby, possibly Rosalee, in a beaded cradleboard on her back - Boos -

Ute mother and child. ca. 1900

Boston studio portrait of a Native American (Ute) mother and child. The woman carries her child on her back and wears beaded moccasins, leggings, and dress, and a hair pipe choker.

Kupt with baby - Cayuse - 1900

David Young - Cayuse - 1900 Billy O-We-U - Cayuse - 1900 unidentified man, Billy O-We-U - Cayuse - 1900 Cayuse men - 1900 Cayuse men - 1900 Anthony, Catherine - Cayuse - 1900 Mrs.

White River Ute mother. It was taken in 1916 by Harris & Ewing.

White River Ute mother and child. Photo by Harris & Ewing. Source - Library of Congress.

Devote (Kiowa) in Native American Church clothes, 1900? – 1930? by Marquette University Archives, via Flickr

Marshall Dotibi (Kiowa) in (Peyote) Native American Church clothes, Oklahoma, – Image courtesy Marquette University Archives, 10726