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This infographic from Best Colleges Online looks at bilingualism in the U.S., including the benefits for young children who speak more than one language.

Why it Pays To Be Bilingual. Now you have an ever better excuse to study abroad, or spend a few months overseas engaged in language study.

From concept to initiation, Learning Centers Made Simple! offers specific, "teacher- tested" ideas and "how-to" instructions to put together literacy and math centers you and your students will find stimulating and enjoyable.

How to Say Hello in Different Languages for World Travelers

VERY helpful tidbits about teaching rhyming in Spanish. Read this! From I Teach Dual Language: Rima, Rima, Rimador...

bilingual flashcards, illustrated by Sarah Wilkins

Its so cool to be able to communicate with others in different languages, even if its a simple "Hello"

Birds Sounds in 9 Languages by James Chapman. | What Noises Do Animals Make In Other Languages?

These bilingual emotions are perfect for describing character emotions in literature.

"Evolution of written language" -- I wonder what's next?! Note that "written" has 2 "t"s!

Here at Infographiclabs we love languages and were totally excited when Freelance Writing Jobs asked us to analyse the world's biggest language families.