Is Bilingual...or Trilingual!

Joshua Foer ::: How I learned a language in 22 hours


Alphabet (To read correctly start from right to left : "Alif" being the first letter and ending by "Yaa")

Bilingual 1st-teaching rhyming in Spanish

Canada is a bilingual country!

why it pays to be bilingual

Latin - el latín


Closure activity: 3-2-1 exit slip

21 Ways to Say #Hello Infographic You`ll be able to greet new friends wherever you #travel

Make Your Own Arabic Alphabet Letter Form Blocks - easy and inexpensive craft that creates an excellent manipulative for learning the Arabic Letter forms - spelling - writing, and more!


Instant Immersion German Deluxe- 8CDs, Box With Advanced Speech Recognition And Analysis Features! The #1 Selling Languages Product Worldwide! Your first-class journey to a new language is ready to commence!!!!

World language families

Speak Russian Fast Step-By-Step! The quickest way to learn a language, guaranteed!

Dancing: A Universal Language

The program comes equipped with 2 CDs, one of which has various key sections--useful "survival phrases", fun activities, conversations, and practicing speech against the voice of a native speaker--while the other has a thorough grammar tutorial. This combination is certainly a valuable one for people who are serious about learning a language, and the product is clear and easy to use.

Topics Entertainment's Total Immersion 5 CD-ROM Spanish learning software is designed to strengthen your fluency by emulating everyday situations you may experience while in a foreign country, the Instant Immersion Advanced Spanish course fully prepares you for interaction among native Spanish speakers.

English - el inglés