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  • Tangtang Chaikittibhorn

    "Message" in a bottle #usb #gadget A lovely product ;3

  • Annie Kay

    Message in a bottle. Cool idea for a thumb drive storage.....maybe keep this for backing up photos, music, and other important stuff.

  • Mary Lindenstein

    "Message" in a bottle: usb gadget...good idea for Valentine's Day...put a love message into the flash drive, and the recipient will have to plug it into the computer to read your love note!

  • Emma Kristensen

    Message in a bottle -- USB cork. I think this is a cute idea that could be used for something very romantic:) Just load the USB with images of yourself and/or the two of you together, add a few poems or a letter or whatever strikes your fancy, and then pop the USB into the bottle and give it to your love-- a high tech message in a bottle. Have fun with it!:) ~DLP

  • Staycee Becker

    Message in a bottle #usb #gadget - what a great idea for the wedding - have the bridal shower and bachelor party pics on the usb for the wedding favor - message in a bottle could be thank you for being a part of our special moments!

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