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    • Jan Armentrout

      Holy Crappola Batman......what astral plane is this man livin' on? ROFLOL check that......where is he teaching classes so i can sign my husband up?

    • Beki Winchel

      “Hey Girl. Wanna hold the priesthood? Come give me a hug.” Anyone who knows their mormon pick up lines knows this one is a classic. And I'd accept it from Ryan Gosling.

    • Gail Emer

      Hey Girl, Check Out Our Favorite Ryan Gosling Memes: There's even a site of Ryan Gosling memes for bookish fans: Hey girl. I like the library too. : Ryan wants you to focus on his face according to Feminist Ryan Gosling. : On F**k Yeah! Ryan Gosling, Ryan proves to be the best guy ever.

    • Jennifer Westra Blackham

      Hey Mormon Girl (Ryan Gosling), many hilarous captions going around, other favorites are ... is your name Virtue, because you garnish my thoughts unceasingly ... even with the Liahona I get lost in your eyes ... Do you go to EFY, because I'm Especially for You ...I just got back from from my mission and I'm looking for my next companion ... I think I've heard your name before, in my Patriarcal Blessing ...the 13th article of faith requires that I ask you out on a date ... Modest is hottest :)

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    ... he knows now

    Boyfriend material


    hahahaha nice one


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    "Trolling the Internet for pretty things is such hard work, babe. You been at it a while. Want me shirtless while I rub?"

    Ryan Gosling reads "Hey, Girl" memes.

    Boyfriend Material


    No, refurbishing a house was a pretty clear message!

    Me too, Ryan, me too


    unintentional stay at home mom: Did someone say Target?

    nice tux though

    he tells it like it is


    It's alright..... No worries !!!!!