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☀Greywolf by lorenz sommer** Looks like the main character from Ramblefoot by Ken Kaufman .

His mate has a litter waiting, For Dad to bring home some meat. Ranchers say he's a threat To the little ones in their herd. But to hunt him to extinction Is meaningless and absurd. A way has to be found for all God's creatures to coexist. To bring harmony and justice To Wolves, and Gorillas in the mist. So, before you condemn him, Or shoot him -- even worse, Remember the Wolf, like Indians Inhabited this land first.

Ma Joad is like the wolf who has to carry around her kids. Ma is always leading the family and helping everyone along. She has to be strong and helpful when they are going through hard times.

A wolf starts to sneak up on them and then dashing toward them. They are expecting a wolf to jump on them but instead the wolf jumps and in mid air it turns into a human.

Jack London is making me into wolves right now.

Wolves have such a mysterious and interesting pack dynamic. Every wolf counts, even the omega.

Black Wolf--Beautiful, while still slightly freaking me out as I remember my old Big Bad Wolf fear. I still love wolves though and it's only the pose/angle that gets me.

Wolves...I'd like to think that i'm the exception and that they wouldn't tear me to shreds but let me spoon them.

Lobo - Animal -> Por: Angel Catalán Rocher <- Sígueme!

Lobos - Animal - -> Por: Angel Catalán Rocher <- Sígueme!