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      Every year for the 4th of July we like to ask readers to search the web and gather thumbnails of images that will symbolize what Freedom means to you.  Here's mine, can you guess what they are?   Best submitted art montages win prizes and an article in DTG !!!

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    Welcome to the world of Steampunk style . . . #steampunk #fonddegras #luxembourg #limasisters

    Pope Francis comes to visit . . . and comes to YOUR house! Here's a fun little title we couldn't resist passing along #popefrancis ... ur Hearts #PopePh #PopeFrancisInPh #PopeFrancisPH

    This is really an extraordinary piece of work ... gathering together artists to create this video celebrating the 100th anniversary of the iconic Coca-Cola bottle! 100 Mashup Art Film #design #creative #inspiration #mashupcoke #60seconds

    The most important element in advertising is the truth . . . true . . . but the worst part of web advertising is the industry has prostituted themselves to the point of extinction. Only FOOLS sell online advertising . . . read more

    You may remember my 2002 post about Steven Heller's "Citizen Designer." Milton Glaser often says, "Good design is good citizenship." So, we asked Designers on Linkedin. The responses we got are somewhat amazing! Is the graphic designer as accountable as the marketing and publicity departments for the propagation of a message or idea? Be careful, don't answer until you've read this. #graphicdesign #designers #design #herblubalin #graphicdesign #designers #design #herblubalin

    Here we are with my latest social media update . . . I scour the best of interest articles and share with you . . . hopefully you'll save some time and learn a little something

    I attempted to make this search, and checked every result... not good, and not honest ... how good is Google? Well it finds stuff, but it's kind of like searching for dog crap. Once you've found it, you're not sure you wanted to find it! LOL . . . #advertising #falseadvertising

    So, here I am working on an article for 60-seconds, so I go to the Legal Dictionary to get the actual definition of "False Advertising" . . . low and behold, look what happens -- just as the article describes, GOOGLE actually purveys ANOTHER false advertisement to me! How ironic is that. This ad from Google has absolutely NOTHING about Harrisonburg or the people there whatsoever! It's just plain false advertising! DO NOT CLICK . . . #falseadvertising #google #clickfraud

    Google's 'Mobilegeddon' will penalize websites which are not mobile-friendly

    Well, some of you may have seen my article on "Mobilegeddon" . . . here's an infographic that points out some of your problems . . .

    #creative #inspiration here's my next "Creative Tidbits" number 191.

    Perfect for my boy room

    I am going to be a grandfather again ... this time a boy -- maybe even a LEO ... late August. I found this graphic, but the original site is dead (404, Not Found) so I grabbed the image out of the Google Cache and pass it along here to you! . . . #grandfather #60-seconds

    Click for Fred Showker's Creative Tidbits poster 189 . . . this Creative Tidbits is all part of our 20th Annual Designing Women series ... #designingwomen #design

    This is a graphic I prepared for the 60 Second Window #320 about erasing history. You now have the right to be forgotten -- but hold on a minute! How far should we allow Google to go? #google #history #forgotten #60secondwindows #60seconds

    This year's March Designing Woman is Lois van Baarle an extraordinary illustrator, painter, author, and trainer . . . enjoy this March -- the 20th edition of "Designing Women"

    Celebrating Women's History Month ... Check out all of these samples ... some might even bring back some memories! A whole generation grew up with these illustrations -- this is a fantastic book

    John Knoll demonstrates Photoshop version 1.7 . . . here's a look at Photoshop version 1.7. It's really exciting to be part of Photoshop's 25 year history. #photoshop #photoshoptips #photoshoptipsandtricks #60-seconds #60-second-windows

    In celebration of our March edition -- and the 21st Annual Designing Women edition, we present a new book of un-discovered photos of the iconic Marilyn Monroe! Enjoy this photo tour, and if you are a fan of Marilyn's, get the book! #marilynmonroe #designbookshelf #moviestars #photography #60Seconds #60-seconds

    Yes we are kicking off this year's "Designing Women" edition with some entries in the 187th edition of #creativetidbits #designingwomen #60seconds

    So we got a pile of snow last night so I went looking for snow sculptures ... there are thousands of images out there in scraper and spam sites -- I picked out some of the better and most unique ones at "safe" sites to share with you . . . enjoy and stay warm!

    Sci Fi illustration: Erasing the line between man and machine . . . let's take a look at CYBORGS as a topic in modern illustration!

    The NaCl House by David Jameson Architect

    WOW ... our Valentine's issue hit the site and of my latest "Creative Tidbits" post, we look at the most expensive gifts you can buy for your valentine! Ooooba-Dooooba

    Here's the WINTER to SPRING calendar for the Explore More Discovery Museum in Harrisonburg Virginia ... in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley ... visit today! #childrensmuseum #vaattractions #exploremore #discoverymuseum #k12 #shenandoahvalley