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Maybe if I WAS being chased by a tracker jacker I'd exercise a little more. Cardio inspiration?

I started running because I thought I was being chased by a Tracker Jacker. Then I realized it was just a wasp. Then I realized I wasn't in the Hunger Games.

It's five o'clock somewhere, but it's three o'clock here and I want to die.

This someecard is me.except: It's 4 o'clock somewhere, but it's 1 o'clock here and I want to die.

Why not go do some fun stuff, like traveling, before you settle down with a guy and even a family forever?

Funny Wedding Ecard: Getting married before the age of 25 sounds a lot like leaving a party before 10 PM to me. well-i-thought-it-was-funny

Funny Movies Ecard: The closest I'll get to winning the Hunger Games is when I spot the last donut in the office kitchen.

Art Im so blessed to have great friends! quotes-and-things-that-make-me-smile

A girl's best friend Haha Funny Friendship Ecard: A good friend brings over a bottle of wine to share. A best friend brings two.

Running is not my strength

If I ever had to run for my life, I would probably die. HAHAH My husband told me this yesterday. He yelled RUN SAVE YOURSELF and i looked back to see what we were running from first! He said running is your death trap uummm yup

You just sang that in your head, didn't you?

Dori Just Keep Swimming Cheer bow white with glitter details