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Bow was in danger of being put down when Danielle rescued him and gave him a forever home.

Love happy endings? Find out how Wasabi and Ginger here got their Forever home together.

Renee was rescued from a local parking lot, and found a loving forever home with Chris.

Abby's first family didn't have time for her, but thankfully Joan rescued her and gave Abby her true forever home.

Marie shares how Sara was rescued after someone threw Sara over a concrete wall and drove away. Thank goodness this loving dog was rescued and found a forever home with Marie!

This pretty calico ‪cat‬ is named Ginny. She was found homeless wandering in Vira's yard. Vira gained Ginny's trust, fed her and provided medical care with the intention of finding Ginny a good home... but Ginny had other plans! Read the heartwarming story of how Ginny knew she had already found her forever home.

Gigi was rescued and adopted after she tragically lost both of her human parents. The next month, Gigi surprised them with five puppies! Four of the puppies found good homes and they kept little Peanut.