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  • Nicole Cefalu

    Teacher Resources to make lesson plans. rubrics, and time saver ideas from David Kapuler. I picked this because I always am looking for different ideas on making and intergrating new ideas of doing things. CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.W.8 Gather relevant information from multiple print and digital sources, assess the credibility and accuracy of each source, and integrate the information while avoiding plagiarism.

  • Liz Cook

    File Folder games, Lesson Plans & Rubrics - a great quick check website for ideas

  • Shannon Salmon

    Great site for classroom ideas!

  • Donna Gordy

    Teacher stuff / Teaching resources

  • Christy Bryant

    Teacher helpers

  • Amy Kidd

    Teaching resources - lesson plans. work sheets, rubrics, etc.

  • Megan Krueger

    all kinds of teacher freebies

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Interesting can I adapt file folder games for the music room? Something to brainstorm on. Good for a center.

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Ice cream cone matching - match the number to the the number of sprinkles, or the upper case letter to the lower case letter

This website has great powerpoints and other ideas for teachers. They only cost a few dollars for each powerpoint but they are well worth it to see the looks on your students faces as they see the characters in the powerpoint move or dance. Really great website!!!

This website was a lifesaver in my first year of teaching. I used it for designing my weekly spelling program that i used throughout the year. The best part is that my students also had all year access to all spelling lists (allowed by me) and they could practice their spelling using the cool games.

Brass Instrument File folder game - Centers

Art Teaching Resource - I recommend this video to student teachers studying for their exam and classroom teachers that studying for their National Board exam. It puts art history in a context that makes it easier to remember.