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  • kaylee queen

    Pinner wrote, "Newfies! The black dog in this pic looks just like one of my dogs! Except she is 1/2 Chow. She is such a sweetheart!! "

  • Jeri King

    Newfoundland puppy 'Enzo' & Newfoundland dog 'Henry' - awww! :-) #newfoundlanddog #dogs #puppy #pets #

  • Kimberly Beckwith

    Newfoundlands (newfies) Just love Big Dogs

  • Rachael Messing

    Newfoundlands (newfies) My favorite breed, such gentle, loving, giants! Miss mine so badly. He was beautiful, shiny black hair with curls. R.I.P. Bear, you are loved, always♥ .. don't miss to grab more dog pics and tips at

  • Marie

    Black Newfoundland dog & chocolate puppy (gorgeous). If I ever have the space for this giant breed, I would love to have one of these love bugs.

  • Renée Talley

    The Newfoundland is a working dog & can be black, brown, black-and-white (Landseer), or gray. They were originally bred and used as a working dog for fishermen in Newfoundland (which is now part of Canada).They are known for their giant size, intelligence, tremendous strength, calm dispositions and loyalty. "Newfies" excel at water rescue & lifesaving because of their muscular build, thick double coat, webbed feet and innate swimming abilities.

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aww dog ♥ pug and saint bernard ♥

Newfie by down2earth44 via Flicker. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh just like my dog Belle!

"I gave a dog my heart. It's never been broken."

Coast guard dog. The Newfoundland (Newfie) is a gentle breed who works in water rescue. They have webbed toes!

Seated woman with large black dog by George Eastman House, via Flickr

Newfoundland dog with parrot. Such great dogs. My next newfie will be brown.

Platinum Newfoundland / a newfoundland completed the entire Lewis & Clark Expedition (over 8,000 miles).... s/he's beautiful! I need this dog.

Newfoundland dog like Newfie - Alex Oz King liked to run in the snow with him.

can you imagine having to feed this huge fella ???? !! he would eat you out of house and home lol

Secrets Black Newfoundland Spaniel Terrier Dog Photography Puppy Hounds Chien Puppies Pup

I don't know exactly why or how I got obsessed with Newfies, but I know that when I marry rich & buy a humongous ranch, I'm getting one.