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      The Cape Horn Grange (Washington State Highway 14) Sometimes the story of a haunting is not the historical background or events that lead to the formation of a ghost. Sometimes it is the events or experiences of the people who perceive the ghost that really make the story. Pat has been sensitive to the supernatural since he was a child. Many children seem to have the gift of seeing ghosts and spirits but it usually fades over time. This is not true in Pat's case. Even at the age of 39 he…

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    rain in the valley, Cruzatt, Washington, US | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Deep green, Washington State~~It's not called The Evergreen State for nothing.

    Proto-Elamite, SW Iran, 3000 BC. This solid-cast sculpture is one of a pair of nearly identical images of a hero or a demon wearing the upturned boots assoc. w/highland regions, his power enhanced by the mighty horns of the ibex

    Haunted Tower by NW-X inside cooling tower #3 at the unfinished Satsop nuclear power plant in Washington State

    tonehenge State Park (in the vicinity of mile marker 102 on Washington State Highway 14)  What makes a place sacred or a spiritual center? Are some sacred places naturally high in supernatural energy that can be detected by sensitive people who travel there? Or can we go to any place and worship, and the power of our own belief then makes the place sacred. Or are both theories true? This question may be answered at the Stonehenge monument built by Sam Hill from the 1910s to 1930.

    Stull Cemetery -- USA, Highway to Hell. Located in Kansas, this cemetery has gained the reputation as one of the world’s most haunted cemeteries. Some people even consider it to be one of the seven gateways to Hell. There are so many legends, stories of witchcraft, ghosts and supernatural happenings surrounding it that even Pope John Paul II allegedly ordered his private jet not to fly over Stull while he was on the way to a public appearance in Colorado in 1995. The Pope considered Stull “unho

    Beacon Rock State Park ~ Washington State ~ Columbia River Gorge

    Somewhere in the wilds of Washington State is a bizarre geographic anomaly that locals believe may well be a gateway into another dimension. While the legend of the Devil’s Hole allegedly goes back for decades… if not centuries… the public at large did not become aware of the phenomenon until 1997, when legendary radio host and paranormal enthusiast, Art Bell, invited a man named Mel Waters to be interviewed on his globally syndicated radio program Coast to Coast AM.

    Iron Island Museum, Lovejoy, NY. Haunted Museum in Buffalo's Lovejoy district has been featured many times on tv and in print as a place known for its supernatural activity.

    Kenneth Arnold. Sighting: 24 June, 1947, Cascade Mountains, Washington State.

    Milky Way & Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Forest - Washington State