The Cape Horn Grange (Washington State Highway 14)  Sometimes the story of a haunting is not the historical background or events that lead to the formation of a ghost.  Sometimes it is the events or experiences of the people who perceive the ghost that really make the story.  Pat has been sensitive to the supernatural since he was a child.  Many children seem to have the gift of seeing ghosts and spirits but it usually fades over time.  This is not true in Pat's case.  Even at the age of 39...

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The Ghosts Of The Haunted Mizpah Hotel - When Tonopah’s Mizpah Hotel re-opened after 12 years of closing, the staff quickly noticed that some of the old guests never checked out. The hotel was originally opened in 1907 to accomodate the silver miners who worked in the town. (Strange - I named a Teddy Bear Mizpah when I was younger)...

Am I a Ghost? An Unusual True Ghost Story So, who's haunting who?

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I started to believe in ghost stories when I realized I was in one

10 Ghost Stories That Are Totally Freaking Real The things if getting here and time. I know of way more haunted places that are easier to get to.

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The Woman in Black... A ghost story., via Etsy.

Enjoy a collection of thirty chilling true ghost stories from around America. “True Horror Stories” are perfect stories for a camping trip in the dark woods. Tell these stories at bedtime for the ghost lover in your family. Or test the stories on the biggest skeptic. It is all up to you!

I first heard the following ghost ‘legend’ many years ago. A ghost legend normally has a true haunting connected to it. This story is a love story that includes tragic love and mistaken death. It happened during American colonial times. It is similar to a YouTube story I shared called “The Cripplegate Ghost” which is conn

Along the Columbia, Washington State

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California's Most Haunted is a compilation of five terrifying ghost stories of true haunting documented by those who witnessed them.

True Hauntings of America: Ghost Pictures

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