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My Nail-art Totoro

Just about everything Hayao Miyazaki and his group at Studio Ghibli create is legendary. One of my favorites is "My Neighbor Totoro". Well for some reason there seems to be a craze going on painting nails with the totoro characters.

Pusheen nail art

Pusheen!! Somebody needs to do this for me..........please?!?! OMG OMG IN LOVE

Endless Madhouse!: Galaxy Nails from Outer Space!

galaxy nails colors deep space dark art manicure polish My kid would love it if I did my nails like this!

Harry Potter nail art magic

Out of those intelligent tricks to make your appearance sparkling gorgeous also includes these chic white nails art designs to try in Just like a kid

Deez Nailz: Neon circle nail art with Kozmic Colours

paint nails white, then dip a straw in different colors to make the rings.I tried this and some reason it didnt work quite right. Maybe i needed more polish to dip the straw in.

Funny pictures about Gorgeously geeky nail art. Oh, and cool pics about Gorgeously geeky nail art. Also, Gorgeously geeky nail art.


a little sparkle for me, and a Totoro for my hubby