Pssst…. Hey you there with your big goals + beautiful dreams; remember that it always seems impossible until it’s done. My favorite animal

Giraffe love.....they might be my favorite animals!!

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baby giraffe

Funny animal picture. Photographer unknown. Re-pinned by Dew Pellucid, author of "The Sound The Echoes":



Giraffe singing


"A newborn baby giraffe looks up at the Planckendael zoo in Mechelen, 25 kilometers North of Brussels, Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014. The calf was born on Valentines day, Feb. 14, and has a heart shaped spot on its hip."

A Giraffe Mother's Love

#portrait by alexstoddard, via Flickr

Albino Giraffe

So cute.

Mom Giraffes form a type of daycare for their young. One of the females in the heard will stay behind and baby sits all of the youngsters while the rest of the females go out foraging for food.

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Love <3

Hint of baby giraffe by Steve Pereira

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--One week old Giraffe baby